Residential PV solutions


If you are still thinking about it and have been interested in our photovoltaic equipment, waiting start saving money, you must contact us. Tell us your needs and as soon as possible we will be working together.

We work with self-consumption systems

We work with self-consumption systems that will involve a minimal investment and besides that they are a definitive opportunity to generate the desired savings for your home.
Generating your own electricity will make you more independent from the grid and the usual rise in the price of electricity will no longer be a concern for you.

SELF-CONSUMPTION CONCEPT: Unlike the isolated one, the direct self-consumption installation does not use batteries. Here the energy generated by the panels will be the one that supplies the internal consumption (lights, electrical appliances, motors, air conditioners, etc …). If we wanted to have storage incorporating batteries we would go to the complete Solaractiva Residential Solution.

How do I know if I should choose a complete solution or a direct self-consumption?

We must know that when the power generated by the self-consumption installation is higher than the power consumed, it cannot be stored, but it can be injected into the grid. Although we have an anti-spill system where photovoltaic production is adjusted to consumption, and no surpluses are produced.

If the power generated by the self-consumption installation is less than the power consumed. We must import the energy that we lack from the network, previously passing through the meter.

When the power generated by the self-consumption installation is equal to the power consumed,which is rarely the case; demand is covered with photovoltaic generation without producing surpluses and without the need to import energy from the grid.

By evaluating these articles and with Solaractiva’s professional advice, you will decide which system you want to have in your home.