Integrated optimizers

Integrating a compact Optimizer into the PV panel instead of a standard junction box makes it a smart module that produces more energy. This module integrates power electronic components that obtain energy harvesting and safety, and provide monitoring. These smart modules simplify inventory and facility logistics, thereby reducing costs. Detachable design allows easy maintenance. Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions

Key benefits:

  • Reliability and 25-year warranty
  • Reliability and 25-year warranty
  • Advanced real-time performance measurement
  • Automatic reduction of the module's DC voltage to a safe voltage after the inverter or grid closes, for personal safety.
  • Independent Optimization Technology (IndOP) - enables operation with any inverter and requires no additional interface hardware
  • Integrated by module manufacturers
  • Manufacturing and inventory management made easy
  • Thermal separation between bypass diodes and power optimizer
  • Easier tape connection and verification to reduce cycle time
  • 400W, 60/72 Cell Module Support