Lithium battery

Batteries with integrated BMS and Smart communication for monitoring and countless applications.

Key benefits:

  • Applicable in Renewable Energy and Electric Car
  • Higher efficiency and performance (92%) than lead-acid batteries
  • Easy to install and no need for additional external components
  • Integrated internal BMS to protect and disconnect the battery if necessary (overload, Tª, ...)
  • Integrated Smart connection and application for IOS / Android that monitors battery parameters
  • Possibility of connecting a maximum of 4 batteries in series or parallel, and application at 12, 24 or 48 volts
 Lithium 12-100Lithium 12-150Lithium 12-200
Capacidad nominal Ah
100 Ah150 Ah200 Ah
Capacidad nominal Wh
1250 Wh1875 Wh2500 Wh
Voltaje Nominal12,8 V12,8 V12,8 V
Rango de voltaje operativo11,0 - 14,6 V11,0 - 14,6 V11,0 - 14,6 V
Corriente de carga / descarga nominal50 Amp75 Amp100 Amp
Corriente de carga / descarga máximo (30 seg)150 Amp225 Amp300 Amp
Dimensiones (l x a x al) mm330 x 171 x 220484 x 170 x 241522 x 260 x 225
Peso13,5 Kgr18,2 Kgr24,5 Kgr
Sistema BMS
Conexión Smart - APP IOS / Android
Serie o Paralelo. Máximo 4 baterías, 12, 24 ó 48 voltios
Grado de protección
Rango de temperatura de carga
0 ºC a 45 ºC
Rango de temperatura de descarga
-10 ºC a 60 ºC
Rango de temperatura de almacenamiento
-20 ºC a 60 ºC
Ciclos de vida útil
≥3000 @80% DoD
3 años