Electric car

The tranquility of leaving home with the car always ready

Don’t worry about calculating where the next gas station is.

Home charger: Designed for your comfort and safety

Take advantage of the best charging system for electric vehicles in the photovoltaic market.

Having an electric charging station at home supplied with sunlight can seem like a luxury “for a few”. Today it is already possible and from Solaractiva we want to encourage you to join the generation of the plug-in hybrid car * that is increasingly present in all brands in the automotive sector. *

It uses a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The battery is charged by an external power source and regenerative braking. It can be easily recharged at night with the home charger. It can be easily recharged at night with the home charger.

Technical quality in your garage and on your roof:

We calculate the electrical energy that you will need according to your daily consumption habits and we generate a photovoltaic project totally tailored to your needs, so that your vehicle never runs out of charge and does not have to depend on the changing rates of the network.


  • Charge up to 2.5 times faster
  • Charger built into your Solar Energy System
  • Guarantee of up to 25 years
  • Possibility of remote load activation
  • Adaptable to indoors or outdoors
  • Flexibility of connectors and cable lengths

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum charge current: 32A @ 7.4kW
  • Solar inverter sizes: 3.68kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW

We do exclusive projects for community garages, taking advantage of the maximum available space to give the best of benefits

Single phase inverter
Solutions in Photovoltaic

Complete residential Solution:
Towards a Smarter future with PV


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Solar Isolated

Solutions to providing energy for electricity consumption to homes where the electricity grid does not reach


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If you are still thinking about it and have been interested in our photovoltaic equipment, waiting start saving money, you must contact us.


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Why go to solar energy?
Because Solaractiva with its world-leading systems assures you of success


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