Our main commitment

Photovoltaic experts

or this we offer solutions adapted to each client, which give autonomy of electricity generation by optimizing resources, reducing costs .

How do we do it?

Latest Technologies

We apply the latest technologies for the capture, transformation and storage of solar energy. We only use products with guaranteed quality and guarantees.

Less is more

Our seal of guarantee is "less is more", installing adequate equipment without exceeding the needs of the client and allowing the consumption of your home, electric car and / or company to be supplied with total safety.

Technical Direction

Our technical direction has been present in the Solar Energy Sector for more than 15 years, which gives us an unequivocal knowledge of the terrain and gives our projects solidity.

Individualized Attention

With a close nature, Solaractiva provides individualized attention from the first moment in order to find the ideal solution that best suits each case.

We enjoy our work, we enjoy generating solutions that help you and the Planet.