Solaractiva is committed to the latest and most attractive solutions to create a solid and lasting relationship between you and solar energy. We present the inverters for residential or business photovoltaic energy, they are true intelligent energy managers that help to produce energy free of CO2 emission.

The way energy is collected and managed in solar power systems is optimized thanks to DC inverters. The inverter manages solar energy, battery storage and smart consumption. Thanks to HD-Wave inverter technology, we are presented with an element of reduced size and weight, with record efficiency.


After monitoring and managing solar energy production, the inverter is ideally positioned to manage energy storage and use. The inverter can store solar energy in a battery to use at night, divert additional photovoltaic energy to heat water, or activate other smart devices during the day to help reduce electricity bills. By managing energy holistically, the inverter turns smart homes into smart energy homes and puts energy in the hands of consumers.