Solar Monobloc Batteries

The range of Monobloc Solar Batteries, manufactured in Europe, are a solution for small-size renewable energy applications, with a really interesting cost and performance. They are designed for small solar energy systems and vehicle applications among others.

Their robust construction endows them with a series of advantages, such as excellent resistance, high discharge capacity, or high performance under all types of conditions.

Manufactured in accordance with DIN 41773 and 41774 regulations, and their design life is 300 cycles, in accordance with IEC / EN 60254-1 / 25ºC.

Dimensiones (mm)
Largo x Ancho x Alto
PesoTipo Caja
MEBS-12/15012 v110 Ah140 Ah150 Ah509 x 175 x 182 / 20835,8 Kgr.MAC 110
MEBS-12/19012 v150 Ah180 Ah190 Ah512 x 223 x 194 / 22044,6 Kgr.B
MEBS-12/24012 v--240 Ah518 x 273 x 214 / 24056,1 Kgr.C
MEBS-12/24512 v190 Ah225 AH245 Ah518 x 273 x 214 / 24061,3 Kgr.C