Complete residential Solution

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There are many factors that alter the performance of a module: dirt, shading, uneven aging and the output that can vary by ± 3% depending on manufacture. These are sufficient to generate ~ 2% total energy losses.

To minimize these losses, we create a system that responds to these risks that cause a decrease in energy production during the useful life. Thus we avoid losses due to mismatch between modules; ensuring that the weakest do not affect the performance of the strong.


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Solutions in Photovoltaic

Complete residential Solution:
Towards a Smarter future with PV


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Solar Isolated

Solutions to providing energy for electricity consumption to homes where the electricity grid does not reach


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If you are still thinking about it and have been interested in our photovoltaic equipment, waiting start saving money, you must contact us.


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Why go to solar energy?
Because Solaractiva with its world-leading systems assures you of success


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