Smart solar modules

The photovoltaic module, also known as a solar panel or solar panel, is the device that captures solar energy to start the process of transformation into sustainable energy

We talk about smart solar modules when energy optimizers are integrated, allowing for faster residential installations, simplified logistics and easier service.
Leading DC optimization technology is combined with guaranteed module performance for higher module output right out of the box.


  • Complete solution: Complete system offering with service and warranty
  • Higher performance: Integrated power optimizers and half-cut cell technology to get more power from each module
  • Excellent Reliability – Superior
  • Long-term warranty: Quality Control GuaranteedLong-term warranty: 15-year module and 25-year performance warranty
  • Improved pricing: Cost-effective system, with all key components
  • Advanced security: Maximum protection with integrated SafeDC ™

Key benefits:

  • Premium PV module with improved performance and aesthetics
  • Functional design and keeping the aesthetics of the roofs
  • Proven product warranty, reliability and performance
  • Mitigation of all types of module energy losses
  • Optimized individual power output of each module
  • Module-level automatic voltage shutdown protects people and property
  • Simple battery storage upgrades and smart power solutions for a truly future-proof system