Complete residential Solution

Long term Warranty

Proven quality and high long-term performance equipments

Solaractiva only works with equipment of proven quality
and high long-term performance.

25 years

Power optimizer warranty

12 years

Investor warranty

until 30 years

Module warranty

until 10 years

Battery warranty

until 25 years

Free monitoring

Do not hesitate to contact us for extension of guarantees.

Protect your investment with reliable and with long-term guarantees products, for your tranquility.

Limited Product Warranty
Solutions in Photovoltaic

Complete residential Solution:
Towards a Smarter future with PV


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Solar Isolated

Solutions to providing energy for electricity consumption to homes where the electricity grid does not reach


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If you are still thinking about it and have been interested in our photovoltaic equipment, waiting start saving money, you must contact us.


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Why go to solar energy?
Because Solaractiva with its world-leading systems assures you of success


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